"This is a historical record of the old immigrant citizens survey website. Are you looking for the current site?"

Coming Soon – The “Old” ImmigrantSurvey.org

ImmigrantSurvey.org was a project of a philanthropic organization and a migration related branch of the EU to integrate immigrants more fully into the decisions that affect them, the development of integration policies.

The project website was set up in the early aughts and it ran through the mid-teens. It had a lot of resources regarding how migrants were surveyed in the areas of employment, languages, and citizenship to name a few.

We were sad to go. So we decided to bring it back. In addition to retrieving the old resources, we will add additional information on migration/immigration. We will also expand the focus beyond Europe to address migration in other areas of the World were it is also a matter of great political interest and concern. See you soon.

Meanwhile, you can get in touch if you like.

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